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“I’m Dhruv Dhol and I originally hail from Gujurat in Western India. I’ve been in New Zealand for less than a year and I am a student at E.I.T doing my Bachelor of Business there. I enjoy being on a local cricket team here and I’m a fan of music in general as well as an avid watcher of Bollywood movies. It’s my pleasure to share my favorite Bollywood songs on The Hindi Music Show, Radio Kidnappers!”

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Hindi Show with Dhruv-30-09-2019
More Bollywood music with Dhruv

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Hindi Show with Dhruv-15-08-2019 - Episode 6
This month Dhruv starts doing a one hour show, this is his first one

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Hindi Show with Dhruv-24-07-2019 - Episode 5
5th Hindi Show with Dhruv, he brings us more of his fav Bollywood Songs

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Hindi Show with Dhruv-10-05-2019
Hindi Show with Dhruv-10-05-2019

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Hindi Show with Dhruv-08-04-2019
Hindi Music with Dhruv - Bollywood and more

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