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Talk-The-Talk Intermediate Schools Debates Challenge

Sadly this year's debates have been cancelled due to the Covid-19 levels going back up to Level 2.

An annual live-to-air contest run where teams debate moots of interest and relevance to intermediate-aged students. The aim is to foster public-speaking and radio skills in a professionally-adjudicated debating forum, while all the time still being fun and entertaining. The contest has been running since 2002.

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 Teams Score #1 score #2 total
Woodford Word Wranglers 273.5    
HNI Captivators 268.5    
HNI Lightening 264    
Tamatea Intermediate B 260    
Taradale Intermediate B 258    
Twyford Greater Debaters 253    
Taradale Intermediate A  252     
Hastings Intermediate B 246    
St Patrick's Flawless 245    
Hastings Intermediate A      
St Patrick's Rebels      
Tamatea Intermediate A      
Twyford Walkie Talkies      

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